spielfuehrer, 26. Oktober 2016, um 01:03

mag ja alles sein, vielleicht auch ned.

aber halt doch einfach mal die klappe, hans. als ob du das mit deinem offensichtlich arg beschränkten horizont auch nur annähernd beurteilen könntest?

steffekk, 26. Oktober 2016, um 01:05

1,3 - 1,7

spielfuehrer, 26. Oktober 2016, um 01:08

a geh, dieses nicht fundierte gscheidhaferl-geseihere mit witzigkeits-häkchen "^^" immer.

spielfuehrer, 26. Oktober 2016, um 01:09

da hör ich doch lieber:

steffekk, 26. Oktober 2016, um 01:11

hahaha - du depp du :)

spielfuehrer, 26. Oktober 2016, um 01:15

und ja, hans. ich bin sicher, du wirst mir bestimmt jetzt gleich wieder einen ellenlangen und uninteressanten text liefern.

ich werde ihn nicht mal lesen, weil er wie immer so uninteressant is wie noch was. wenn mir die matrixkatze verständlich erklären könnte, wie das mit dem troll-forums-filter geht, wärst du der einzige, der auf meiner liste stünde.

steffekk, 26. Oktober 2016, um 01:17

hahaha - ich verreck

steffekk, 26. Oktober 2016, um 01:18


spielfuehrer, 26. Oktober 2016, um 01:18

ich hab jeztz einfach auch mal die schnautze voll!

steffekk, 26. Oktober 2016, um 01:19

hahahaha - halts maul jetzt

steffekk, 26. Oktober 2016, um 01:20

ich lach mich jetzt in schlaf - hahahaha

hansolo_forever, 26. Oktober 2016, um 01:28

Ach komm steff, das Ding da isses doch ned mal wert, daß ma's ignoriert...
Andererseits: wenn es dich so amüsiert, ist es ja soz. deiner Gesundheit zuträglich und hat wie aller Scheißdreck auf dieser Welt doch irgendwie sein Gutes ;-)

Ex-Sauspieler #484842, 26. Oktober 2016, um 07:42

Ohne Wertung:

Researched this and could not find the name of the individual who is Trump's campaign manager in Albemarle County Virginia. However, this is an interesting read.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves” - Abraham Lincoln

As the nominal “chair” of the Trump campaign in Albemarle County (if such a title still exists), I would like to address the current melee among Republican regarding our presidential candidate’s locker-room talk which occurred over a decade ago.

Do you suppose these tapes just “surfaced”?

Of course not, Hillary has been sitting on them for months, and they are designed to distract conservative voters from the issues.

That’s a no-brainer.

But congratulations to Hillary: It worked.

The Democrats knew that Republicans would turn against their candidate for these particular infractions.

They knew it would dominate the news, and that the disintegration of our nation would cease to be an issue.


I find it mind-boggling that our country is about to disappear before our very eyes.

Under Hillary, our nation will fall into bankruptcy, our Constitution will be nullified, our borders will be flooded with illegals (and terrorists) who will expect to live off the public purse, our cities will be under nuclear threat from Iran, North Korea and other rogue nations, and we will have rendered ourselves helpless with an ineffectual military (currently under gender diversification training.)

No nation in history has survived as a debtor nation, and once the Fed takes its finger off the interest rate button and the dollar ceases to be an international currency, we are Germany in 1923. The devastation that was Europe after World War II will happen here, only there will be no wealthy, generous nation like the U.S. who will step forward and help us pick up the pieces.

Our future will be very, very ugly, and the apocalyptic scenes that our young people watch on the screen will become a reality.

Let’s get this straight: The one man who broke through the stifling political correctness, who had the brilliance, fearlessness, determination, focus, dynamism and iron will, to create his own real-estate empire, has been rejected by his own party because he talked like millions of other men -- over a decade ago. We Republicans are a tragic lot: we are just too good for this world. We accept the overwhelming corruption of the Democrats, but reject our own when they offend our sensibilities – ten years ago.

I confess, I live in the real world. It does not surprise me that the elder George Bush had a mistress (yes, look it up; when Barbara discovered, she stopped coloring her hair). Jeb Bush was a notorious womanizer – that, too, would have come out eventually. Ted Cruz had five affairs (even if you don’t believe it was five – I certainly would have sued had I been listed as one), and anyone who has eyes could see that Amanda Carpenter was an ongoing one – is this why his wife suffered depression? The list could go on and on. Politics, power, money and sex are all one package in Washington, and not just on Capitol Hill, but in the DC press (of which I was a member).

And how could anyone be so naive as to think that there are no huge egos on Capitol Hill? Or anywhere, in the world of power politics? If you want to find Mother Theresa’s, look elsewhere, fellow Republicans. Having a large ego is necessary, and sometimes sufficient, for running for political office. Any politician who pretends to be selfless and self-effacing has been pulling your leg, my friends.

Let us step back a bit, and leave our sensitivities behind for a moment. In literature, there are what is known as “round” and “flat” characters. The flat characters are one-dimensional, cardboard cut-outs, they are predictable, they are boring, maybe foils to the round characters – they are the “extras”. They lack true heroic status because they are too perfect; turn them around and you see the same side. They do not engage the imagination, and we learn nothing from them.

Then there are the round characters. These are characters who are drawn with a fuller knowledge of human nature; they remind us of people we know. Human beings are not microbes, folks; we are complicated. We have complexities, inner contradictions, self-doubts and regrets, from which we grow into being rounded, more developed human beings – assuming we learn from our experiences. If you read any of George Elliott’s or Tolstoy’s novels, or read Shakespeare’s plays, you will find these so-called “larger than life” characters.

Donald Trump is a round character. He is multi-dimensional. But oh, dear! Naughty, naughty! But while you can shake your finger at decade-old naughty talk, you know that Mr. Trump also raised fine children, and has a stable family life. He laughs, he jokes, he gets angry, he breaks the rules. But he is a man of vision, with the courage to confront, and to run circles around, the legions of journalists (along with the Vatican, the presidents of Mexico, the Saudi Prince and a British petition) who have conspired to bring him down for over a year. There is a name for this: courage.

Most men under that kind of pressure would have wilted – run away, with their tail between their legs. For eight years, our Republicans in Congress have run from Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the press like scared little bunnies. Their policy has been appeasement. They have put their stamp of approval on Obama’s entire agenda.

Donald Trump is not an appeaser. But, his major flaw seems to be – oh, horrors! that he likes women – and, if you’ve been watching, women seem to reciprocate. We have here on our hands a colorful personality, not a cardboard cutout, and not one who pretends to be anything other than what he is. And he is not a saint.

Winston Churchill too, was an outrageously rude, crude, vulgar and highly eccentric man. He made big mistakes in Gallipoli during World War I, and spent a decade in the political “wilderness.” Neville Chamberlain, who ran Britain between the wars, was very popular with the British Paul-Ryan-style insiders. Chamberlain, appeased the Germans, ignored the arms build-up of the Germans and their violations of the Versailles Treaty -- and continued on the road to disarmament. Until it was too late, and Britain was on the verge of disaster.

Sound familiar? Churchill was brought to power by the British people, you know, the riff-raff – these ordinary folks were quite willing to overlook the warts and choose a man with the steely determination, the oversized ego, the strength and the willpower – the only man in British politics capable of saving them.

Frankly, Americans have not seen that kind of leadership for over a generation. So, we don’t know what it looks like. And so, we disparage what millions of Americans – the “little people” as the Brits would call us -- know to be intuitively true: That Donald Trump is a leader. He has shown us that much already.

Pity the poor Republicans. We have it within our reach to save our nation from destruction, and we allow ourselves to be deflated by the carefully planted “October surprise” delivered to us by Hillary Clinton. The poison dart. The 2016 version of the totally absurd Sandra-Fluke birth control episode of 2012, which was designed to convince voters that Mitt Romney was against publicly funded birth control and therefore against women. They are too clever for us. We are easily manipulated.

The Democrats know us better than we know them. They know that they can throw a red herring – like birth control, bathrooms or locker-room talk – and we will run off the cliff like lemmings and hand the election to Hillary Clinton.

And now you will have to make the decision of a mature, practical adult. You are offered two alternative realities:

Do you want to push the lever for the Hillary-Clinton-Saul Alinsky-George Soros ticket -- with Obama’s water boy for vice president, who will take over after Hillary collapses? (Bear in mind that Obama has made preparations for this by purchasing a mansion with a ten-car garage in the Kalorama area of Washington, D.C., so that he can continue as shadow president.) Do you want to live in the slavery of a one-party dictatorship?

Or do you want to be a pragmatic grown-up, and vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and live in freedom and prosperity?

Frankly, I no longer have faith that Republicans are capable of saving our nation from the oncoming disaster. We no longer understand how to operate within a power-driven framework. We blame the “uneducated” Democrats, but our fatal flaw is far worse than that: We are handed the opportunity for victory and we turn our noses up because Andy Griffith is not our candidate.

grubhoerndl, 26. Oktober 2016, um 09:47

«Andrew Samuel Griffith (* 1. Juni 1926 in Mount Airy, North Carolina; † 3. Juli 2012 in Manteo, Roanoke Island[1]) war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, Schriftsteller, Filmproduzent und Country-/Gospel-Sänger.»

also die qualifikation möchte ich ihm nicht absprechen. ich sehe allerdings einen kleinen hinderungsgrund darin, daß vermutlich auch in usa seit 4 jahren verblichene nicht mehr regulär präsi werden können.

Ex-Sauspieler #484842, 26. Oktober 2016, um 16:05

deinem Insiderwissen nach scheints du Matlock-Fan zu sein!

Dann ist dir sicher schon klar, wie die breite Masse den typischen Matlock-Fan sieht und warum man eben ausgerechnet ihn und nicht Elvis, John Wayne oder sonstwen als Beispiel hergenommen hat, oder?

pitanderl, 09. November 2016, um 14:33

Da hat wohl jemand das
angepasst. 🙈

MumeRumpumpel, 09. November 2016, um 17:38

Muss man jetzt eigentlich von den Verunreinigten Staaten von Amerika sprechen?

Ex-Sauspieler #332864, 10. November 2016, um 01:15

drehbuch zu "donald wird von nordkorea, china und russland geärgert":

Ex-Sauspieler #484842, 10. November 2016, um 08:01

Thank You Wisconsin,

I want to thank you for your vote and support in "Making America Great Again". It was your hard work and dedication in bringing down the "Blue Wall" that we salute. Once again Wisconsin led the way in the rust belt in making a big statement to the whole country. To my many friends who relocated to N. Carolina, we also appreciate your support in keeping the Tar Heels a red state.

Its time to move forward and embrace the change. A suicide help line has been set up in Madison, Wi. for those seeking another option.

I'm looking forward to the many garage sales that should be announced soon with Miley Cyrus, Whoopi,Streisand,Sharpton, Cuban,and the many others moving to Canada.

Thanks again my fellow Americans.

Ex-Sauspieler #484842, 10. November 2016, um 09:13

@ hansolo

sieht aus als hättest du die wette auf Georgia verloren....

krattler, 10. November 2016, um 09:50
scheinen viele "fellow americans" ähnlich zu sehen, wenn man den heutigen nachrichten glauben schenken darf .....

Ex-Sauspieler #484842, 10. November 2016, um 10:16
zuletzt bearbeitet am 10. November 2016, um 10:17

kann ich nicht beurteilen

ein faxe² würde jetzt wahrscheinlich sagen:

eine demokratische Gesellschaft muss es aushalten, wenn so jemand demokratisch gewählt wurde!

für alle die das nicht schaffen gibts ja die suicide help line....

Ex-Sauspieler #484842, 10. November 2016, um 10:21

kurz nachgedacht:

wundert es die radikal gutmenschlich-political correct veranlagten menschen tatsächlich, dass weltweit populisten auf dem vormarsch sind?

und haben obige wirklich keinen schimmer dass es eben grad an ihrem gebaren liegen könnt, dass dem so ist?

Ex-Sauspieler #484842, 10. November 2016, um 10:31

ok, us-wahl ist durch

widmen wir unsere aufmerksamkeit nun wieder den wirklich wichtigen themen, wie z.B. der einführung von ampelfrauen.... ^^

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