Tratsch: The day my father died

Frankenfarbspiel, 17. Juni 2016, um 01:09

The day my father died

It was the 15th of May 2016.

I asked my father:

"Father, what card is it?"

The card was the "Eichel Unter".

And my father said:

"It is the "Eichel Unter".

I answered: "Yes, it is the "Eichel Unter. Which play you can play with the "Eichel Unter"?"

And my father said:

"I don´t know."

This was the day my father died.

Pete, 17. Juni 2016, um 02:13


viehweide, 17. Juni 2016, um 22:57

tolles gedicht

Ex-Sauspieler #163253, 17. Juni 2016, um 23:12

eventuell a Kontra?

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